5th Latin American Conference of the History of Economic Thought – ESHET Chile 2015

Call for papers



Historical Approaches in Economics: from Continental Europe to the Americas

Latin American economic thought is rich in historical approaches, most of them inspired on ideas coming from continental Europe, especially France and Germany. Such is the case of the early 19th century protectionists in the Americas, specialists on monetary theory during the early 20th century – like Guillermo Subercaseaux – or later figures related to the development program of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), including Raúl Prebisch and Celso Furtado. There is also a remarkable interest in Economic History among Latin American economists and historians, which makes of “historical approaches in economics”, an interesting topic to explore within the context of this regional conference.

Although academic interest in Latin American history of economic thought has been increasing during the recent past, the field still remains largely unexplored. The 5th Latin American Conference of the History of Economic Thought – ESHET Chile 2015 – will aim at further exploring this and other subjects.


Conference themes include:

  • Historical approaches in economics
  • Classical Political Economy and Latin America
  • Colonialism, mercantilism and trade relationships between Europe and the Americas
  • Import, adaptation and dissemination of foreign ideas in Latin America
  • Foreign visions about Latin American economies
  • The economic discourse and the making of national identities
  • Money and credit: institutions, policy, instability
  • The institutionalization/professionalization/teaching of heterodox/orthodox economics in Latin America
  • Growth theory, development economics and convergence effects
  • The role of foreign experts and missions in Latin American economic thought and policy
  • Any other theme related to the history, philosophy and methodology of economics